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Media consumers are moving from siloed one-time consumption to anytime/anywhere/any channel media experiences. Content creators and distributors are under pressure like never before to innovate, from shortened release windows, to rapidly changing business processes and models, to competing with new entrants. The traditional siloes of games and interactive entertainment, film, television, music, radio, print, portals, music and more are colliding in ever-more creative and disruptive ways. OperationIT workforce take full advantage of the Internet and open-standards technologies for content creation, management and distribution across multiple channels, media types, and end-user devices. Our expertise can help you reduce costs, increase profits and maintain loyal customers. Our Consultants cover the portfolio for intellectual property management, content management, advertising management, product development, and media sales and distribution for:

  1. Newspaper and Magazine Publishers
  2. Premium Content Publishers
  3. Advertising Agencies
  4. Entertainment Companies
  5. Broadcasting companies

Some of the solutions our professionals offer include and are not restricted to:

SAP for Media: OperationIT’s SAP for Media experts meet the unique demands of publishers, broadcasters, advertising agencies, news services, and entertainment businesses. SAP for Media provides tailored solutions to keep up with rapid changes driven by the Internet, online publishing, and digital broadcasting. SAP for Media leverages the open SAP NetWeaver platform, ensuring seamless integration of SAP and non-SAP systems, plus scalability to match changing needs. With SAP for Media, you gain the integration and automation you need to cut costs and boost revenues.

Oracle for Media & Entertainment: OperationIT’s Oracle Media and Entertainment Solutions experts help Optimize Content Deployment, Provide Targeted Promotions and Create New Revenue Streams. We bring together a unique portfolio of proven software expertise, that enables media and entertainment companies to develop highly profitable business models in a fast-changing environment. The solutions help provide a cost-effective, future-proof IT infrastructure with market leading applications that underpin and facilitate rapidly evolving media and entertainment business strategies.

Business Intelligence: One way to tackle challenges in this industry has been with business intelligence designed to improve your ability to acquire and retain customers while maximizing customer and product profitability. Our subject-matter expertise and proven methodologies can help you create business intelligence solutions for your most pressing challenges across marketing, billing, customer care, and network management—and mitigate the associated risks. With our dedicated industry experts, you can:

  1. Profile customers to identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  2. Target the right prospects to be your next loyal and profitable customer
  3. Provide executive leadership and key stakeholders with accurate, actionable data
  4. Rationalize systems and integrate data across business units for a holistic view of your customers and operations
  5. Improve the subscriber experience through enhanced self-service capabilities while improving overall customer service performance
  6. Improve performance of new product introductions and increase penetration of bundled product sets such as the "triple play"
  7. Provide detailed analyses of audience data to attract advertisers and grow revenue
  8. Accurately forecast circulation and subscriptions
  9. Optimize marketing campaign effectiveness and post-campaign analysis

Digital Asset Management: Our Digital asset management experts help companies embrace digital technology to securely organize, access, modify, and repurpose digital content. These solutions help organizations: Create a common digital asset management infrastructure. Organize content for rapid access and retrieval. Move digital content efficiently throughout the entire production and distribution process. Extend the value of technology investments by using existing industry applications