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This is the place for all Staff Bull Terrier Breed lovers. Here you will find many detailed facts, and interesting slots games with animals and win real money.

Everything about Staff Bull Terrier Breed to Know

Welcome To Staffitinfo, a page for Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed. The dog is man’s best friend. Dogs were amongst the first animal that could be domesticated. If you are dealing with anxiety and depression, you don’t really need to visit a therapist, but simply get yourself a dog and soon your depression will be history. Any dog can be a great company, be it a highly bred or stray. However, some of the breeds like staff bull terrier can make your life more beautiful than even your spouse could make. They are either officially called Staffordshire bull terrier or are called staffy in short. If the world had ten breeds of strongest dogs, staff bull terrier would be amongst the first five of them.

History and Characteristics of Staff Bull Terrier Breed

The staff bull terrier is a crossbreed of a bulldog and Black and Tan Terrier. It used to be bred in the victorian age, sometimes after the blood sports were banned and later on these sports were enjoyed secretly. The furs of the terrier are short. They are extremely strong and muscular dogs. The weight of an average adult staff bull terrier is somewhere between 29 to 37 lb. The terrier is a hardy dog and is not prone to many health problems in their life and also has a comparatively longer life span than any other dog. They are largely built and are often mistaken for the pit bull variety. They are usually calm and do not get fierce at the drop of the hat as the breeds like german shepherd do. And you can trust their loyalty with your life. They usually like to stay busy and feel inflated and important when you ask them to do something and they take their work very seriously. They are capable of building strong bonds with their masters with all the affection they have in them. Overall they have a very balanced personality and are great companions.

Facts that all Staffordshire Breeders Need to Know

  1. The staff bull terrier needs a lot of exercises, way more than any other dog. These dogs are muscular and the only way to keep their muscles healthy is by playing them around.

  2. The staff bull terrier and any dog of their size are extremely prone to elbow and hip dysplasia. Always take a certificate from Orthopedic Foundation for Animals that will ensure that the pup was from healthy parents who did not have similar problems.

  3. They are low Maintainance dogs and do not need a lot of grooming.

  4. Keep an eye on the dog whenever you are near water. Since these dogs are heavier than usual dogs, they find it difficult to float in water. Therefore there are chances that they may get drowned.

  5. They don’t have any specific nutritional requirement, however, they might have a skin allergy, therefore a food rich in omega-three fatty acids is recommended.

Free Online Dog Games

Kids love animals, especially little puppies. And why just blame kids? Even there are adults who are dog persons who adore dogs and would definitely love playing online games with virtual dogs.there is a plethora of woofer themed games on the internet. Here are some of the best games that you can play sitting at your home if you really miss having a pet:

  1. dog miner: if you want to become a virtual millionaire and travel to the moon with the help of a dog that is completely in your control then this game is for you.

  2. Dog simulator: this is a 3d adventure game where you get to be adventurous and see the world through the dog’s eyes.

  3. Dogs vs homework: you can make your dog run errands and help ends meet and your dog will happily fo it in this game.

  4. Jigsaw puzzle dog: you can arrange the puzzles and see amazing dog images.

Top Animal-Themed Slots Games

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  8. Gorilla
  9. Foxin Wins
  10. Cash camel
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