OperationIT Client Referrals


Want to earn an easy $500…

Refer A Client:
We will pay you $500 for each new contact you refer to us that provides OperationIT with a 90 day+ consulting position or salaried position. Your name will be kept confidential at your request. OperationIT must fill and complete work on this position in order for you to receive the $500 payout.

  1. Be sure to include: Your Information (Name, Email Address) and Referred information (Name, Company, Title, Email, Phone Number)
  2. Refer the name of a company hiring manager, contact name and phone number (if possible). This can be the person that hired you in your current position or other hiring managers within your company (such as the Help Desk Manager, Network Manager, Programming Manager, IT Director or an HR contact).
  3. We will respond to you confirming that the referral has been noted and is eligible for a bonus. (Please retain this information for future referral verification.)
  4. If OperationIT provides an IT professional to that referred client for a 90 day (min 480 hours) or longer assignment or for a salaried position, we will pay you $500.
  5. Bonuses will be paid at the end of the 90 day minimum period and after the client has paid in full for the consultant’s 90 days or after placement fee has been paid in full to OperationIT.
  6. Referrals are good for up to a 30 day time period from the day of original notification to OperationIT.
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