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As we know, you are wondering what the best video games with dogs are, and taking advantage that they are more fashionable than ever (Fallout 4, MGS V) we have prepared a report with the characters-protagonists, companions or even enemies – canines or lupines that have deepened. Because why fool us, any game that includes dog automatically becomes GOTY. If it’s free, it may even be the game of the decade. We all love a good deal on games, i mean who doesn’t. So instead of waiting for Steam sales to get cheap games why not start playing for free on There you will have the luxury of choice and the sheer abundance of free games is simply overwhelming. There are lots of games with K9’s as well, especially slot games.

We like video games. We love dogs. What could have gone wrong if we mixed up both concepts? Exact: absolutely NOTHING. After reading in Playmania 205 the review of the four best games with puppies, we decided to write this report on the best video games with dogs. But we were not aware of the number of canine characters who have enjoyed a sure protagonist in the middle; because if the dog is the best friend of man in the real world, why wouldn’t the virtual one also be? So little by little more and more titles have been appearing, until in the end, the choice of the candidates for Best Dog in the history of video games has become quite complicated.

Seriously, look at them: who would be able to exclude just one of them? Not us, of course. But life is hard, and sometimes a decision has to be made, so we have made our guts heart out, and we have stayed with only the 12 (13 actually) most useful, charismatic and, why not say, adorable songs that have appeared in video games. Just in case, we made it clear that we didn’t want to leave the wolves out because they have the same right to be part of this big pack. And now, yes, move your tail to the rhythm of the best video game dogs. They’re all good boys, no doubt about it.

  1. Sif (Dark Souls)

Sif is the definition of perfect canyons: solemn, protective, majestic, and loyal until after death. And to top it off, he knows how to wield a giant sword with great ease. But what makes him unique and worthy holder of the best video game Dog award is that he is the most complicated boss in all Dark Souls. But not because it’s difficult, but because it’s a fight we don’t want to win, an enemy we don’t want to defeat.

Knowing the background of Sif makes fighting particularly painful, especially when we discover the story of his partner and friend, Artorias, before the confrontation. But the worst part comes when his health is reduced to 1/4 and begins to limp and spat with clumsiness, a strange and unique moment in which, even having our Prey at the mercy, we are unable to strike the last blow. Dark Souls prepares you to die as many times as it takes. But nobody made us for this.

  1. Amaterasu (Okami)

On this list, we have seen Dog-Tank, dog-robot, robot dog, and even dry dogs. But none of them reaches even to the height of the hooves of the one incomparable GOD-DOG, or in this case, GODDESS-WOLF. Amaterasu (Ammy for friends) is the all-powerful queen of the sun in Okami, that suiboku style painting that some people insist on calling video games. Armed with a celestial brush and the company of a thwarted miniature artist, Amaterasu traveled all over Japan to end the darkness that threatened the peace of the land of the Rising Sun. And you, what have you done today?

  1. DD (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)

With the short time he has been between the US, and DD, he has already managed to gain a special place in our hearts. Is it because we’ve seen him grow up since he was just a puppy? Because the patch gives you a hard-looking look? Because his smell allows him to detect animals, plants, and enemies? Or maybe because, armed with a knife, it’s all a tribute to the original Fox Hound logo? Be that as it may, there is no doubt that DD is the best of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Sometimes, we completely forget the mission and throw ourselves several minutes, caressing him. Good boy!

  1. Boomer (Far Cry 5)

Far Cry 5 incorporates the hired gunmen, a system that allows us to select two companions with whom to blow things up. The usual thing would be to choose the one or the one that gives us the enormous firepower (like Jess and Grace, who burst heads with their eyes closed), but we are unable to say No to Boomer, the puppy capable of marking the enemies and snatching their weapons.

Boomer may be hurt, but doing so is bad news for those responsible: hearing his cry, we activate the John Wick mode. And there is no saint left standing when the cloud of dust rises. We only have one catch: when we get into the vehicles, Boomer stays on the ground and runs after us. Ubisoft, if you’re reading this, you’re already taking a long time to get a patch that allows us to ride the roads with Boomer as a co-pilot.

  1. Trico (The Last Guardian)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a feathered cat? Whatever it is, there’s no doubt that Trico, our companion in The Last Guardian, has peroneus behavior. At first, he doesn’t trust us, but a couple of blue barrels are enough to gain his trust and start following us all, protecting us and demanding, from time to time, that we caress his gigantic, fluffy head. Who in their right mind could refuse?

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