OperationIT Employee Referrals


We will pay you $500 for any candidate you refer to OperationIT for a specific position that we are currently recruiting for, if that applicant is hired by our client. Your name will be kept confidential at your request. In order to qualify, please ask a OperationIT representative if the specific position is paying a referral fee. Only certain positions have referral fees associated with them. Referral fees will not be paid on positions that do not qualify.

OperationIT must place the candidate you referred for a specific position with one of our clients. For consultants, they must work the entire project to receive the payout. The consultant assignment must be 90 days+ in order to qualify.

Please send an email

  1. Be sure to include: Your Information (Name, Email Address) and Referred information (Name, Company, Title, Email, Phone Number)
  2. Refer the name and contact information of an IT professional (that is not already registered with OperationIT or OperationIT) that you would like to refer to us for a single specific position. You may then have that applicant contact us directly or we will contact this person.
  3. We will respond to you confirming that the referral has been noted and is eligible for a bonus. (Please retain this information for future referral verification.)
  4. If OperationIT places an IT professional that you referred for a specific job for a 90 day (minimum 480 hours) or longer assignment or for a salaried position, we will pay you $500.
  5. Bonuses will be paid at the end of the 90 day minimum period and after the client has paid in full for the consultant’s 90 days or the placement fee has been paid in full to OperationIT.
  6. Referrals are good for up to a 30 time period from the day of original notification to OperationIT
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