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Evaluation Process

To remain competitive in today’s business world, productivity must be maximized. At OperationIT we look for performance driven individuals who will improve the level of productivity within your company.

As the employer, OperationIT works on your behalf, always, to recruit and select the best possible computer consultants to fill your needs. You can be assured that these are computer consultants that you too, would be proud to hire. We take each applicant through a step-by-step process including interviewing, evaluation, reference checking, testing and orientation to ensure that we deliver that high-end result that OperationIT is known for. In order to protect our clients we have a rigorous screening policy, which includes criminal and background checks as well as a screening of each candidate by the Department of Homeland Security. Clients will also be able to request additional screenings such as credit and drug screenings.


Recruiting the best computer consultants is an important first step in providing valued service to you. OperationIT attracts highly competent people through a variety of sources, which include:

StaffITInfo.com OperationIT is in a unique position over our competitors since operated/operate one of the largest IT specific career sites on the web. Currently we have over 150,000 IT professionals that are only available to the OperationIT recruitment team.
Major Job Boards We currently hold accounts at the top 4 recruitment sites on the web. These include Monster, HotJobs, CareerBuilder and DICE. In addition, we reach out to over 100 other IT related sites and organizations on the web to recruit our IT talent such as Craig’s List and Zillion Resumes.
Recruiting Partners The recruitment process has become increasingly sophisticated. For this reason we have researched and partnered with several firms that specialize in different areas of recruiting. For example, we are currently partnered with a leading firm in India that sources 12 hours a day for specific OperationIT positions. These recruiters work closely with our staff and are continuously sending us pre-qualified resumes for our sourcing specialists to evaluate.
Headhunting With certain high-profile positions OperationIT will initiate a headhunting task force to seek out and find the most qualified professionals. This additional recruiting step helps to canvas the market fully when looking for superior talent.
Passive Networking In addition to the major job boards we are actively involved in the up and coming networking sites like LinkedIn, Jigsaw and Spoke. Our recruiters have made it a point to get personal connections with thousands of people. Our total network is in the 10 million+ range.
Newsgroups/Forums To compliment the direct search we have identified hundreds of targeted blogs, forums and user groups for particular skills sets to recruit passive candidates. These have been highly effective at locating personnel not available through traditional sources
TV Advertising OperationIT’s marketing department has worked hard to develop and produce highly effective TV commercials that target high-end competent computer consultants.
Radio Advertising Like our TV ads we have done the same for the radio broadcast media to include 1010 WINS and Bloomberg among others.
Referrals Bonuses, incentives, benefits and recognition programs encourage our computer consultants to refer qualified I.T. workers to OperationIT.
Career Days Conducted at local colleges, technical schools, and community organizations
Networking Via active involvement in community & professional associations
Social Networking OperationIT reaches out to various IT professionals through various social networking entities such as linkedin, facebook and twitter
Newspapers Using local/national newspapers we have been able to add to our pool of computer consultants
Our Assignments OperationIT is proud to have established wonderful business relationships with hundreds of Fortune 500 type companies like Conde Nast, the NFL, Time, Inc., Newsweek, EMI Music Publishing, Young & Rubicam, and the NHL, to name a few. We have worked hard to develop these relationships and consultants come back to us and refer others based on the caliber of assignments we offer.
Email Programs With today’s reliance on email and mobile devices we have developed proprietary software to directly target IT professionals via email campaigns. All new jobs are emailed to the specific candidates who qualify for the position at hand. These are targeted lists of IT professionals who have opted into receiving job update emails. In addition we have integrated the email systems of the leading job boards into our proprietary system, which results in greater quality and efficiency in locating your ideal candidate.
Interviewing At OperationIT, we believe it is essential to meet each prospective consultant in person in order to screen him or her adequately. An extensive one-on-one interview between the applicant and one of our technical recruiters enables us to identify the skills, qualifications, personal attributes, and career ambitions of each consultant. The interview also gives us the opportunity to create the employer-employee relationship that is so vital to providing you with satisfied, productive workers. In addition, our management team performs a mandatory double screen of candidates for all senior positions.
Evaluation A major part of OperationIT’s screening process involves measuring the skill level of every computer consultant. We employ the best methods for testing the various skill classifications within each area of technology we cover. Our specialized automated evaluations help to give us a clear understanding of a consultant’s mastery of basic, intermediate, and advanced skills in numerous categories. Such tests include the most basic HelpDesk tests to the more senior tests such as .NET, SAP, SAS, Visual Basic, SQL, Java, Cisco, Hardware and Networking skills to name a few. During the Evaluation process we can also include our clients in our Baseline Testing Program. Here we will test your strongest candidate who is already performing the job at hand. That score will then set the baseline for all future candidates, thus, all new OperationIT candidates must score close to that baseline in order to be considered for the position. Making an accurate assessment of a computer consultant’s capabilities is vital to the success of satisfying your technology needs. In fact, we believe that is so important to assess the skill level of our computer consultants that we will have trainers available to perform assessments and create customized evaluations that will be relevant to your needs if need be.
Reference Background Checking Every OperationIT applicant is reference checked. OperationIT requests input from the employee’s former employers regarding re-hire ability, qualifications, technical skills, performance and general character. This gives us an appraisal based on actual work experience and confirms the results of our interview and our evaluation. At this point we decide if the applicant has the qualifications that our clients expect. We also perform background checks (7 year history) on every consultant. In addition, we have begun a pilot program with the Department of Homeland Security, which provides further governmental screening of all consultants.
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