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Retained Search Program

At OperationIT, our Retained Search programs are designed to be precise, detailed multifaceted and proactive.. We understand it is just as important to delve into every aspect of the candidate’s background and personality as it is to learn about our clients’ position and culture.

Goals of The OperationIT Retained Search Program:

  1. Our Retained Search process is thorough, collaborative and each search model is jointly developed by our firm and our clients. We provide precise, ongoing communication to our clients to ensure that all parties goals are perfectly aligned. Our clients are kept informed of the search progress as it happens. With shared goals and ongoing communication the recruitment process should be faster, and your hiring times should be reduced
  2. We are experts in the field of Retail. We possess extensive market intelligence, and have strong existing relationships with key individuals the industry.
  3. Our search scope is Nationwide. We have an extensive reach within the Retail technology markets
  4. We have a strong team with a proven ability to deliver top talent in all facets of Retail Technology


Our retained search process is well thought out and thorough. It consists of the 10 steps

    Through carefully listening and in-depth discussions with hiring managers, we clearly define:

    1. Our client’s needs, the specific qualifications desired
    2. How the position fits into the organization
    3. Key performance challenges
    4. The educational requirements
    5. The desired length of experience when pertinent
    6. The desired timeline of hire
    7. The working relationships
    8. The compensation and benefit program
    9. In addition we also provide a short description of the culture of the organization
    A “marketing” document is then prepared containing relevant information and a generic description of the company. The document is then sent for client approval.
    Before making any contacts, we thoroughly research potential sources for the best candidates, and develop a recruitment/networking strategy to identify candidates who possess the required qualifications that commensurate with the specifications of the position. The Strategy is sent for client approval.
    A thorough multifaceted candidate search is initiated based on needs analysis, candidate profile, and our research. We identify potential candidates through our research, and personally contact each one to confirm their interest, or to secure referrals to other individuals who possess the qualifications that are required.
    We undertake rigorous screening of prospective candidates to ensure that they possess the qualifications (technical, personal and organizational cultural ) required. After identification, classification and screening we proceed with in-depth interviews of a number of candidates (in most cases in-person), which allow us to thoroughly evaluate the candidates, ultimately narrowing the list of potential prospects.
    After thorough screening and interviews, we present the leading candidates who satisfy the position and cultural specifications. Each candidate will be fully informed of the position, corporate culture and the history of the organization. In addition to the candidates’ resumes, we provide additional information on the candidates’ current situation and professional goals.
    Throughout the process we monitor the results of the client/candidate interactions, and provide continuous feedback –to the candidates and the client. These “temperature readings” are a part of the collaborative process that helps our client determine the most outstanding candidate.
    We undertake a thorough reference checking process before an offer is made. As in all phases of the search process, we exercise the utmost care in regard to confidentiality. We talk with executives with whom the candidate has worked, both peers and individuals who have been part of his/her team, as well as external professional associates.
    We assist in closure of the final candidate by mediating discussions where required, including compensation negotiations.
    After a prospect is hired, we will then make follow-ups on the candidate’s progress to ensure everything is working out smoothly. Periodic follow-ups help ensure that a successful placement has been made, and if there is dissatisfaction with a new hire, we re-engage the search process until the client is satisfied.

Throughout the search process, we keep our clients informed of our search progress.

We leverage massive amounts of industry specific network of contacts in all our searches. Our recruiters use this information to identify the best prospective candidates, within relevant target companies, who possess the specific skills and background that your organization is looking for. We network with these individuals, in order to secure their interest, as well as to secure referrals to other candidates who possess the qualifications that you desire.

Our Executive Search Consultants are seasoned, professionals with significant search experience within technology companies especially within the Retail industry. We use state of the art systems, technology, and processes to facilitate our searches. Our team is trained to provide you with high quality service, and candidates who meet your exacting specifications.

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