OperationIT Timesheet


If you are a OperationIT consultant currently on assignment, you must enter your time worked using this form. Please complete the form and click “Submit”. The information entered will be validated and you will then be given a link to display a printer-friendly version of the form. Please click that link to display the printer-friendly version, print and sign it, and have your supervisor sign it as well. Email the timesheet to timesheets@OperationIT.com so we can complete your payroll for the week. IMPORTANT! We must have the completed and signed hard copy of the time sheet in order to process your pay check!

Company NameLocationEmployee NameWeek Ending Date (Sunday)Assignment # (optional)Returning  If NO, Enter Last Date of Work:

Manager’s NameDepartmentManager’s TitlePhone MONTUESWEDTHURFRISATSUN

**Should you decide to leave your current assignment for any reason, we do require a 2 – 3 week notice in order to stay in good standing and be considered for future opportunities through OperationIT.**

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